fine art stories

Fine art stories are a burning passion of mine. It is a picture
created to tell a story in a truly memorable, fantastic and artistic way.


Made to hang on the wall and become a talking point, a Fine Art Story is perfect for someone looking for a portrait with a bit (or a lot) of a twist! Something timeless to pass down to the next generation, that truly tells a story of the people within. A great deal of planning goes into a Fine Art Story, and the actual end product is often multiple photographs blended together over many hours.                                                            You can commission a Fine Art Story as a stand alone project, or as something we plan as part of your Newborn or Portrait shoot.

Please get in touch to have a chat about the ideas bouncing around in your head (or if you don't have any, I have lots to share).


A surreal fine art photograph by Lauren Starr. Depicting the dual nature of having a blessed little newborn. Pretty as a picture, with the nightmare, chaos of getting them to sleep. A client commissioned illustrative photograph including the family pets. Made from photographs taken in Lauren’s Bendigo photography studio, nature and the Melbourne Museum.

Get in touch, we'll have a cuppa and plan something fabulous x